My Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Peter Parish,

Jean Cardinal Danielou, in his famous book, The Lord of History, wrote, "Sacred history is not restricted to the contents of the Bible but is still going on; we are LIVING in sacred history."

Indeed, for over 100 years the existence of St. Peter Parish has been a living sacred history.  They have been a history of the intervention of God in the lives of the very first founders of our parish to our present day parishioners.  Our gracious God has so often directly intervened in the lives of thousands of our parishioners at definite points in time and place here at St. Peter.

This beautiful website will contain segments, snapshots, tidbits and memories of the life of Christ's grace touching the souls of so many people who have counted and count themselves our friends and parishioners.  It also will be a source of information and education for all who click on!  It is my wish that this web-site will help root us in the true path so faithfully kept for over 100 years here at St. Peter Parish.

As Pastor, I am deeply indebted to the Good God, His Immaculate Mother and St. Peter, our beloved Patron, for the immeasurable blessings and graces that have been showered upon this Parish.  I am also grateful to the Franciscan Sisters of Alleghany, the Religious Teachers Filippini, the faithful, holy pastors, priests and deacons who have preceded me and the ever-faithful members of the Parish who have sacrificed so much for the highest priority of God - the salvation of souls.

What a blessing!  What a gift!  It is my hope and prayer that through the intercession of the Blessed and Glorious Ever-Virgin Mary and St. Peter our Parish will continue to flourish.  During this historic time of crisis in the Church, may St. Peter stand as a beacon of light and truth - - a "voice crying out in the wilderness" for God, faith, country and family.  May our prayers and the prayers of those who have gone before us ascend like a pleasing fragrance before God's Holy Throne in grateful thanks, praise, atonement and petition for the Catholic family of St. Peter.

I have made the theme of my pastorate here at St. Peter what you see in my priestly coat-of-arms:  "I will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls."  May the Good God help me every day to be true to it as I continue to serve the good people at St. Peter Parish.  It is indeed my joy and consolation.

May God bless you abundantly.

Yours in the burning hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Reverend Anthony J. Manuppella, KHS



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