Pastor’s Corner - Rev. Anthony J. Manuppella, KHS - February 27, 2011

BIG BUCK$ - 10TH Anniversary

My Dear Parishioners:

This year our “BIG BUCKS” Raffle is starting later than usual so that we can have a shorter period of intense selling of our Raffle tickets.

Over the years many of you have been so encouraging and supportive.  The responsibilities of a Pastor are many.  Sometimes I find myself being a doctor, a psychologist, a salesman, an interior decorator, an electrician, etc., etc.  But, the most important tasks of being Pastor are two: taking care of the spiritual needs of my parishioners and secondly, being a faithful steward of the material goods of the Parish.

Just like a good father and mother there are times when you need to address certain things that are difficult to do – but like good parents, the good priest never shirks his responsibilities.

This year we all need to work to make our “BIG BUCKS” Raffle a success by selling every ticket.  Several years ago our Raffle proceeds of $75,000 were put aside for partial payment to build a parking lot behind Msgr. Fallon Hall.  After going through a long process we realized it would not be cost effective.  Just recently the home at 82 W. Chestnut Avenue (blue home) went up for sale.  It is contiguous to our present parking lot and is perfect to buy and extend our much needed parking area.  The cost of the house is $140,000.  We will pay for it with the proceeds ($75,000) from our Raffle that was held several years ago (the proceeds are being held in our revolving fund) it will be added to the proceeds from this year’s “BIG BUCKS” Raffle.

 This will be enough to purchase the property and hopefully make that area for parking!  Having said all of that, this year’s “BIG BUCKS” Raffle needs to be a success so we can eventually have more parking for which many parishioners have been asking.

 We will be raffling off $75,000!

 Yes, $75,000 in cash!

First prize is $25,000!  Here are the prizes:

1st  Prize - $25,000

2nd Prize - $10,000

3rd Prize - $ 5,000

4th Prize - $ 1,500

5th Prize - $ 1,000

45 Prizes - $  500 each

50 Prizes - $  200 each

Tickets are $50.00 each.  There will only be 3,000 tickets sold!  That means your odds are 30 to 1 and you’ll be helping the Parish.   If every ticket is sold, the Parish will realize a $75,000 profit.  So, it is essential to the success of the Raffle that every ticket is sold.  The Raffle goes off on Friday, May 13, 2011 in Pastors’ Hall at 8:00 PM.

Tickets are on a first come, first served basis. 

Tickets are available after all Masses in Pastors’ Hall.  Please stop down after Mass.

Tickets may also be purchased at the Rectory during Office Hours – Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – Noon and 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

Or, you may purchase tickets from the many sellers around the Parish.

May God reward you!

Reverend Anthony J. Manuppella, KHS



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